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Bluecat Media designs elegant printed pieces that beautifully and effectively communicate your message. Whether you need a new logo and identity, have a project that needs a fresh, new look or require a piece to gracefully blend in with an already existing strategy – Bluecat Media will design the pieces that get the attention you deserve.

With extensive experience in the publishing realm, Bluecat Media specializes in designing publications that are stylish and smart. In addition, Bluecat Media can enhance your marketing strategy with compelling print collateral that successfully targets your audience and captures their attention.

Bluecat Media also operates Wayward Park Book Design and Publishing. Develop your idea or manuscript into a gorgeous printed book, e-book and/or app. Self-publishing can be overwhelming. Wayward Park Book Design and Publishing can help.

Call (207) 650-3994 or email to get a quote and speak with Sharon about your project's needs.

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